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  • Bond-Dek is a composite steel flooring system for multi-storey steel or concrete buildings.
  • Bond-Dek’s unique side-lap interlocking system provides for fast and simple construction. The speed of erection results in major labour cost savings.
  • Bond-Dek is able to span up to 3 metres¬†unsupported under wet concrete with a minimum depth of 65mm over the profile.
  • Bond-Dek will accept most floor service systems.
  • Bond-Dek is available in a galvanised coated steel 0.8mm, 1.0mm and 1.2mm thick.
  • Bond-Dek has been fire tested by the CSIR and has qualified for a rating of 120 minutes.
  • Brownbuilt has been assessed and certified complying with ISO 9002 Quality Management Systems.


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An economical permanent formwork / shuttering which, with concrete, acts as a permanent floor slab. This system eliminates the requirements for reinforcing steel. This profile is able to span 3m unsupported under wet concrete thus saving on props.

November 11, 2015
Gauteng & Northern Provinces
Permanent Formwork