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Bond-Dek™ is an economical permanent formwork/shuttering system that, with concrete, acts as a composite floor slab. This system eliminates the requirement for reinforcing steel.

Bond-Dek™ panels act as formwork for wet concrete and reinforcing for the slab. 


This profile can span 3m unsupported under wet concrete with a minimum depth of 65mm over the profile, thus saving on props. Installation is extremely quick, for a further saving in labour cost.


Bond-Dek floor slabs are one-way slabs designed to carry uniformly distributed loads.

Calculations are generally following BS5950: Part 4: 1984 (limit states design). Deflection during construction was calculated at a span/180m.

Bond-Dek™ will accept most floor service systems. Bond-Dek™ has been fire tested by the CSIR and has qualified for a rating of 120 minutes.



The following accessories are available for use with Bond-Dek™:

Steel side and end closures, self-tapping screws, pop rivets, hammer drive screws and flashings are made to order.



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The permanent formwork shall be Bond-Dek™ 75mm deep x 900mm wide rib trough interlocking sheets roll-formed from certified steel complying with ASTM 446 Grade C with Z275 spelter Galvanised finish.

Bond-Dek™ is available in galvanised coated steel 0.8mm, 1.0mm and 1.2mm thick.

The material used to produce Bond-Dek™ composite deck is ISQ 300, galvanised to Z275 spelter.

Note: The Bond-Dek™ profile displaces 0,037 m³ per m² of the deck.

For normal applications of Bond-Dek steel floors, no additional reinforcing other than a light mesh for shrinkage control is required, typically 193 mesh.

For “Fire Applications” of Bond-Dek floors, welded steel mesh reinforcement of 8mm diameter steel bars at 200mm spacing in each direction is required, with minimum top cover along supports (typically on top of shear studs). This gives the following ratings for a nominal superimposed load of 2,5kN/m² maximum, for spans up to 3,0m. 120 minutes, where the thickness of the slab plus any concrete screed is greater than 170mm, and 90 minutes where the thickness of the slab plus any concrete screed is less than 170mm.

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