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Effectively bridges the gap between Corrugated and the standard IBR 686 box ribbed profile.


Available in transportable lengths and fixed through a narrow rib with a fastener to the supporting structure. Mostly used as side cladding.


Nu-Rib sheeting can be embossed for thicknesses not less than 0.5mm. Embossing provides a quality textured finish to the sheet and reduces glare, minimises potentially unsightly oil canning and enhances the appearance of a metal-clad building. High-yield materials (ISQ550 and G550) are available lightly embossed.


NuRib762 Azure Blue

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The profile shall have five trapezoidal ribs at  190.5mm centres, providing a nett cover of  762mm with one stiffener rib in each pan. The rib height shall be 28.6mm.

We do not recommend Nu-Rib be rolled without a  stiffener rib in the pan due to the possibility of oil canning.

The rib height shall be 28.6mm.

Roof Pitch

Nu-Rib may be used at a minimum roof pitch of 7.5° for rafter lengths up to 30m. A minimum of 10° is required for rafter lengths greater than 30m.


Nu-Rib can be cranked from a minimum radius of 450mm.


Nu-Rib can be curved to any radius greater than 800mm subject to transportation limits.

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