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BR7 was designed to provide more effective utilisation of aluminium with its span vs. economics element.


BR7 can also be manufactured in steel.


Available in transportable lengths and fixed by securing a screw through the narrow flute when used as roofing.


BR7 889

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The profile shall have five trapezoidal ribs at 127mm centres giving a net cover of 889mm.

The rib height shall be 38mm.

The roofing/side cladding shall be BR7 profile, in Aluminium Mill finish/colour coated one side/colour coated two sides, in 0.8mm or 0.9mm thickness.

Roof Pitch

BR7 may be used at a minimum roof pitch of 5° for rafter lengths up to 30m. A minimum of 7.5° is required for rafter lengths greater than 30m.


BR7 can be cranked from a minimum radius of 450mm.


BR7 can be curved to any radius greater than 800mm subject to transportation limits.

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