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Quality Textured Finish


Embossing is a unique stucco pattern, which is rolled into the metal substrate, enhancing the final product. GRS has been manufacturing metal roofing and flooring materials in the unique embossed finish for many years.

Independent studies has proven that embossed material has a 20% higher yield strength than plain material for steel, thus offering a more rigid sheeting profile with improved trafficability during and after erection.


The following profiles can be embossed:


  • IBR 686

  • Corrugated

  • Nu-Rib, BR7

  • Brownbuilt 406

  • Klip-Lok

  • Klip-Tite

  • Zip-Tek

  • QC Flooring

Embossing diagram

Fig.1 Stress-Stain curves from tensile tests on embossed and plain commercial quality steel

Other benefits of embossing include:
  • Embossed material is aesthetically superior to plain with its unique Stucco pattern.

  • Embossing reduces unsightly oil canning in the material.

  • Embossing provides a quality “textured” finish, enhancing the appearance of buildings (for sheeting) or finished ceilings (for flooring).

  • Embossing reduces the glare, which emanates from all buildings in the sun, by refracting light differently to plain material.

  • Embossing minimises dirt streaking by dispersing the flow of water more widely.

  • Both colour coated and galvanised finishes can be embossed.

  • Steel, Aluminium and Stainless Steel profiles can also be embossed.

Test conducted by independent authorities concluded that:
  • Embossed commercial material has a 20% higher yield strength than plain material for steel, whilst a bigger difference is expected for aluminium.

  • Resistance to failure due to high impact loads, falling objects or high-speed winds is significantly higher for embossed sheeting than that for plain sheeting.

  • These advantages benefit the user by offering a more rigid sheeting profile, with improved traffic-ability during and after installation.

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