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Klip-Lok 700™ is similar to Klip-Lok 406™ but wider. This sheet is even faster to install yielding greater savings. This profile is ideally suited to low roof pitches. Manufactured from certified high yield steel making it lighter and stronger.

Sheet Lengths

Klip-Lok 700 is available, ex-factory, in sheet lengths limited only by transport restrictions; normal loads 12.5m and abnormal loads 18.6m. Site-rolling is available therefore longer lengths can be milled on-site, eliminating end laps, which are not recommended.


End lapping negates the concealed fix concept and no water tightness guarantee can be given.

End lapping reduces the life expectancy of the roof, due to corrosion.


Klip-Lok 700
Klip-Lok 700

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The profile will be roll-formed from certified steel.

The profile shall have 4 trapezoidal ribs at 233mm centres giving a nett cover of 700mm.

The male rib shall have spurs to ensure a positive double interlocking action at side-laps.

Each pan shall incorporate two stiffener ribs. When interlocked, the minimum sheet depth shall be 41mm.

The Klip-Lok 700™ sheets shall be fixed to every purlin using patented KL700 clips having spurs which will securely hold the sheets in position and lock in the side lap and both centre ribs.


Klip-Lok 700™ can be cranked from a minimum radius of 450mm. Reverse cranking is not possible.



Klip-Lok 700 can be crank curved (convex only) to any radius over 800mm by increasing the distance between the “cranking” indentations across the sheet.



Klip-Lok 700 can be sprung to a minimum radius of 36m (convex only) with an internal span of purlins 1.5m maximum.

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