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Gloabl Roofing Solutions


Global Roofing Solutions

A high build multi-layered, protective system designed to provide resistance to corrosion in aggressive industrial and coastal conditions. Global-Duro (formerly Versacor) has been carefully tested for 30 years in some of the world’s most extreme environments and is intended for heavy industrial or marine conditions.


Comprises a Z275 hot-dipped galvanised substrate, pre-primed with a chrome-free primer (DFT of 18 - 25µm) and finished with a final topcoat (DFT of 18 - 25µm) on the top surface, giving a total dry film thickness of 36 - 50µm.

The reverse surface is coated with a 10µm corrosion-resistant chrome-free primer and a 10µm top surface paint system.

  1. Steel substrate

  2. Zinc coating Z275

  3. Pre-treatment

  4. Primer - Epoxy urea formaldehyde resin-based primer (5-7 microns)

  5. Global-Duro protective base coat  - applied to both sides of the pre-treated sheet (75 microns)

  6. 30% Silicone modified polyester baked on top coating (20 microns)

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