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Sun Harvester / Sungazer


The Sungazer is a revolutionary lighting product, installed on the roof, that harvests sunlight to deliver full-spectrum natural light to the inside of the building.


It also provides significant electrical energy savings as electrical lights can be switched off during the day when the sun is shining. The interface can easily be managed by connecting a daylight monitor to switch off electric lights when the required light levels have been reached. The average payback period for the installation is between 2 to 4 years. The Sungazer maintains a stationary, collimated beam of light throughout the day. The standard lens can be substituted with custom-designed lenses to provide unlimited design possibilities for architects and lighting designers.

The Perspex dome, visible from the outside of the building, incorporates fresnel shapes that curve natural light into the building. The air gap between the dome and lens acts as an insulator, while the Perspex dome blocks UV rays, reducing UV penetration to a minimum. The high level of light-harvesting and light distribution efficiencies provide natural light into the building and require less surface area compared to traditional single-skin polycarbonate in-plane skylights. The eco-friendly solution reduces solar heat gain to a minimum and eliminates the heat generated by electric lighting.

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