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Bond-Lok™ is a permanent formwork/shuttering that, with concrete, acts as a composite floor slab with an attractive flat ceiling on the underside. This system significantly reduces the number of props utilised and eliminates the need for reinforcing steel. Installation is extremely quick, for a further saving in labour cost.


Bond-Lok’s unique side lap interlocking system provides for fast and simple construction.

Bond-Lok™ floor slabs are one-way slabs designed to carry uniformly distributed loads. 

Bond-Lok’s spanning capabilities allow for a reduction in the number of temporary supports required.

Global Roofing Solutions has been assessed and certified as complying with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System.

Bond-Lok™ has been fire-tested by the CSIR and has qualified for a fire rating of 120 minutes – results and further information are available on request.



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The permanent formwork shall be Bond-Lok 50/270, 50mm deep x 270mm wide with Z275 spelter galvanised troughed interlocking Commercial Quality steel sheets.

Bond-Lok™ is available in Galvanised Z275 Spelter steel 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.6mm and 2.0mm thick.

Bond-Lok™ is also available in 1.0mm thick Galvanised Z275 spelter material with a Chromadek® paint finish on the one side and a Pebble Grey backer on the reverse side.

Bond-Lok™ will accept most floor service systems.

Bond-Lok’s soffit forms the finished ceiling without the need for plastering.

Bond-Lok™ eliminates the need for temporary form-work and reinforcement.

The following accessories are available for use with Bond-Lok™:


Self-tapping screws, pop rivets, hammer drive screws and kerb flashings are made to order

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