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Global Roofing Solutions (Pty) Ltd is committed to maintaining the highest standards of honesty, integrity and ethical conduct. The Global Roofing Solutions’ Whistleblowing Reporting Facility is independently managed by Statucor (Pty) Ltd.

The Whistleblowing Hotline Facility is established:

  • to encourage employees and workers to raise serious concerns relating to specific matters such as fraud, corruption and unethical behaviour;

  • as an organisational tool allowing the reporting of information that can improve processes, resolve matters, prevent financial losses and facilitate the development of controls that will aid in the detection and prevention of fraud, corruption and unethical behaviour;

  • to ensure consistent and effective investigation, reporting and disclosure and minimization of fraud, corruption and unethical or unlawful activities; and

  • to provide for an anonymous, safe and confidential medium in which stakeholders may report wrongful ongoings within the organisation.

Click here to access our Whistleblowing Policy

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