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Chromadek Ultim
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This iconic Cell C building based in Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa, was built utilising ArcelorMittal galvanised steel for all the light steel frame construction and cladded with Chromadek, Charcoal Grey.

Hot-dipped galvanized sheets are produced on continuous zinc coating lines to the requirements of ArcelorMittal South Africa’s ISQ standards. The galvanising process yields homogeneously zinc-coated sheet with a bright, smooth metallic finish where corrosion resistance is needed without the cost of stainless steel.

CHROMADEK® is ArcelorMittal South Africa’s trade name for a range of colour coated sheet products that offer superior corrosion protection under conditions where the performance of unpainted galvanised sheeting may prove inadequate. Furthermore, the coatings exhibit excellent formability and elasticity to facilitate roll profiling and bending operations without damage to the paint coating.

Produced and supplied by Arcelor Mittal

Available in the following:
  • All Concealed Fix and Pierced Fix roofing profiles

  • Decking (Galvanised)

Why Chromadek®


At inception, Chromadek derives its structural strength from its steel core, coated with a metallic zinc coating also known as the galvanised layer.


This layer ensures that both the structural integrity and steel core are preserved for functionality.


Once the longevity of the steel core is secured by the metallic zinc coating, Chromadek is aesthetically enhanced.


This, linked to the African Heritage colour range, makes Chromadek an instantly recognised colour-coated steel roofing option - an excellent choice in style.



A premium quality steel product that meets recycling, waste and sustainability requirements.

A broad product range enable architects to communicate their most daring and original visions.

Chromadek is backed with a 10, 20 or 30-year warranty to provide peace of mind.

An industrial volume capacity that allows supply to the biggest projects on the continent

Advanced technology roofing

Advanced Technology


Advanced thermal technology paint system incorporates a heat reflective pigment that provides up to an 8 degrees Celsius cooling effect and improved durability. Any Chromadek® roof in the heat reflective colours (Aloe Green, Buffalo Brown, Dark Dolphin or Charcoal Grey) can become cooler when exposed to the sun as it gets hotter.

Resistance Roofing



The oven-cured paint system has been specifically developed for the harsh African sun. It is designed to provide resistance to fading, blistering and chalking as well as fluctuation from the natural elements of heat, cold, hail and UV rays to which a roof is exposed.

Cutting-Edge Protection roofing

Cutting-Edge Protection


The cut-edges on Chromadek® sheets are not prone to corrosion as the zinc of the galvanized substrate cathodically protects the exposed

Colour Variety roofing

Colour Variety


Both Chromadek® and Chromadek Ultim® is available in the African Heritage collection consisting of 14 standard colours. Four of these colours are heat reflective and all 14 standard

Supreme roofing



This supreme colour-coated steel is locally manufactured and fit to use for roofing, cladding, solar installation, sign boards, rolling doors and cool rooms.

Fit for coastal areas roofing

Fit for Coastal Areas


Chromadek Ultim® offers a colour coated option for coastal areas. The Chromadek® range covers the entire African continent for in-land and coastal applications.

Fit for solar application roofing

Fit for Solar Application


Solar can be installed on Chromadek ® material. Refer to the ArcelorMittal technical guide on solar installation.

Green roofing



Steel is 100% recyclable. Both Chromadek® and Chromadek Ultim® are the only local organic coated material supplied as chrome free. This contributes to the environmental sustainability of the product.

The Chromadek® colour range

The Chromadek colour range

*Colour on print is not the same as actual colour depicted, ask for a true color steel sample

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