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Launched in 2013 and having rolled and sold over 3 million m² of it so far, Klip-Tite™ is a new generation concealed fix roof sheeting offering superior wind uplift capabilities to that of any other Concealed Fix sheeting in South Africa.

Klip-Tite™ is similar to Klip-Lok 700™ but with increased wind uplift resistance. Klip-Tite™ incorporates transverse stiffener ribs in the pan, which is the latest technology in the SA roofing industry.


The introduction of these transverse stiffeners, instead of the traditional longitudinal pan stiffeners, form structural members spanning across the width of the pan. The deflection of the pan is thus reduced, increasing the wind uplift resistance of the sheet.


These transverse pan stiffeners are a first in the South African sheeting market.

It’s manufactured in continuous lengths with on-site rolling for sheet lengths in excess of transportable limits.


Klip-Tite™ Profile

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The profile will be roll-formed from certified steel.

The profile shall have 4 trapezoidal ribs at 233mm centres giving a nett cover of 700mm.

The male rib shall have spurs to ensure a positive double interlocking action at side-laps.

Each pan/trough shall incorporate transverse stiffener ribs. These will include a male and female rib with capillary action breaks.

When interlocked, the minimum sheet depth shall be 41mm.

The Klip-Tite™ sheets shall be fixed to every purlin using patented KL700 Plus clips having spurs which will securely hold the sheets in position and lock in the side lap and both centre ribs.


Klip-Tite™ can be cranked from a minimum radius of 450mm. Reverse cranking is not possible.



Klip-Tite can be crank curved (convex only) to any radius over 800mm by increasing the distance between the “cranking” indentations across the sheet.


Klip-Tite can be sprung to a minimum radius of 36m convex and 50m concave with the internal span of purlin 1.5m maximum.

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