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Brownbuilt™ is the first Concealed Fix roofing profile in South Africa and was introduced in 1964 by Brownbuilt Metal Sections.

Brownbuilt™ is a classic and well-known concealed fix profile, with a cover width of 406mm, providing the architect with an aesthetically pleasing appearance with 90-degree standing seams, offering a watertight roofing solution.

​Brownbuilt™ is readily available in galvanised steel and the following Chromadek colours - Fish Eagle White, Dove Grey and Dark Dolphin

Other materials and colour coatings, are on enquiry only and may incur longer lead times. Also regularly used as underslung/ceiling sheets on fuel station canopies.

Available ex-factory in sheet lengths limited only by transport restrictions, normal loads 12.5m and abnormal loads 18.6m. Longer lengths can be milled on-site, obviating end laps which are not recommended on low pitch lengths.

End lapping negates the concealed fix concept and no water tightness guarantee can be given.

End lapping also reduces the life expectancy of the roof, due to corrosion.


Brownbuilt™ 406

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The profile shall be roll-formed with three ribs at centres not exceeding 203mm and a cover width not exceeding 406mm.

These will include a male and female rib. When interlocked, the minimum sheet depth shall be 48mm. Each trough shall incorporate two stiffener ribs.

The Brownbuilt sheets shall be fixed to every purlin using patented D1 Starting clips, D2 Duplex clips and D3 Finishing clips which will securely hold the sheets in position and lock in both the side lap and centre rib.


Brownbuilt™ can be cranked from a minimum radius of 450mm. Reverse cranking is not possible.


Brownbuilt can be crank curved (convex only) to any radius over 800mm by increasing the distance between the “cranking” indentations across the sheet.


Straight sheets may be sprung on-site over a rounded structure with a minimum radius of 40 metres convex and concave, with internal spans for purlins at 1.5m maximum for convex and 1.3m maximum for concave.

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