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Rib Caps

Where the slope of the roof is such that the sheet cannot be sprung over the ridge, it is possible to cut the ribs of the concealed fix profile, allowing the pans to be bent over the purlin. The open ribs are then closed with rib caps set in an approved sealer. Various rib caps are available to accommodate different roof slopes from 150 degrees to 90 degrees, in steps of ± 5 degrees. It is preferable to rather utilize a ridge flash at the ridge in certain instances.


Rib Caps are available in the following sheeting profiles:

Brownbuilt™ from 90° – 155°

Klip-Lok 406™ from 90° – 150°

Klip-Lok 700™ from 90° – 150°

Klip-Tite™ from 90° – 150°


Rib Cap - Bent Continuous Sheeting

On double-pitch roofs, Klip-Tite™ Klip-Lok™ and Brownbuilt™ can be used in continuous lengths from eave to eave by cutting the ribs and bending the pans at the ridge line. Bend must be done over a straight edge. Caps are then fitted and sealed over the cut ribs.


This method provides a roof with a very neat appearance with continuous pans and unbroken rib lines over the ridge and down each side of the roof slope. However, fitting the rib caps is time-consuming and care must be taken with sealing to avoid any possibility of leakage.


Care should be taken to ensure that the ribs of each sheet are cut at 90° to the longitudinal axis of the sheet. The ribs are easily cut with a metal cutting blade, in a power saw, set to the rib depth minus 2 mm. Any excess sealant must be removed the day after applying.


Apply approved sealer inside ends and along the bottom of the Rib Cap. Place Rib Cap in position over the opening cut.

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