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Chilleweni Cold Storage Solutions

Chilleweni Cold Storage Solutions provides cold storage and refrigerated logistics services to several of South Africa’s largest brands within the frozen food market.
Their new, larger and more improved home in the Randport Industrial Park is strategically located adjacent to the Elands Interchange, a major transport node situated in the well-established industrial hub of Gosforth Park, Germiston. A fresh design approach has given rise to a unique building which compliments the strategic and locational benefits of the building. The harmonious choice of structural elements combined with technology, technical aesthetics, colour, and material has resulted in a visually appealing industrial building fit for purpose. It is a building which enhances the experience of the user and adds value to the immediate context.
Why steel was chosen for this project
Steel speeds up the construction period and is highly recyclable, meaning it can be capitalized on by future generations. It also limits the operational costs during construction. Further reduction in operational costs was achieved through careful selection of material colour, insulation and use of Low-emissivity glass. Office HVAC system designed with reduced chilled glycol supply temperatures to optimise HVAC equipment capital cost and utilize highly efficient primary ammonia plant operating at a Coefficient of Performance of 4.93.
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