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Festina Celebrates 35 Years of Exceptional Service at GRS!

Today, we want to take a moment to appreciate Festina Manamela, our awesome Receptionist at Global Roofing Solutions Head Office. For an incredible 35 years, Festina has been the first smile you see when you enter our reception and the friendly voice you hear when you call GRS.

Festina always creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere, making every visitor and caller feel valued and important. She has become more than our receptionist; she is a cherished member of the GRS family.

Her incredible work ethic, positive attitude, kind and caring ways and of course her brilliant sense of humour have made a lasting impact on all of us at GRS.

Thank you, Festina, for your dedication, outstanding service, and for being such a special part of the GRS journey. We appreciate you!

Congratulations on a phenomenal achievement of 35 years at GRS.


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