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GRS and NPH Engineering: Technical Products and Site Tour

On Wednesday the 25th of October 2023, GRS hosted an informative product training and tour for NPH Engineering. Thank you to our National Projects and Specifications Managers, Gerrit Du Toit and Simon Skosana for their exceptional service and invaluable knowledge they share with out valuable clients.

Read the fantastic feedback below from Sonwabe Nongogo, the Managing Director of NPH Engineering:

Hi Guys

Thanx again for the great visit, as part of our joint marketing effort I thought it best that I let the market know about the eye opening visit I had with you guys today.
Today, as the owner of NPH Consulting Engineers, I had the incredible privilege of visiting Global Roofing Solutions, and the experience was nothing short of exceptional. Global Roofing Solutions left me awestruck with their in-depth presentation on the technical aspects of their IBR roof sheeting. From the moment I walked in, I was captivated by their meticulous explanation of the entire process, right from the clips to the installation, and even the fascinating intricacies of their IP for utilizing IBR roof sheeting as both roofing and cladding.

The tour of their factory was a journey through innovation. Witnessing the precision and care with which they roll and press the material to create the IBR roof sheeting was impressive. What truly blew me away was their rigorous testing. They subjected their product to simulated wind forces, mirroring real-life conditions, demonstrating the incredible strength of their roofing and the excellence of their attachment methods. It was clear that they take quality seriously. What's more, the ease of assembly and versatility in their material for roofing and cladding was eye-opening. I left with a profound appreciation for the expertise and dedication that goes into every product they create. In today's world, where quality and innovation are paramount, Global Roofing Solutions sets a shining example. Kudos to them for their commitment to excellence and for advancing the industry in such a remarkable way. I am truly excited to see the impact of their solutions on the future of construction.

Thanks again,
Sonwabe Nongogo Managing Director Bsc Civ.Eng (UCT) PrEng MBA (UCT)


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