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Hella’s Automotive South Africa

Project Nominated for Steel Awards 2020 SAISC
The new warehouse and offices for Hella Automotive serve as the gateway to Africa and helps to strengthen HELLA’s administration and logistics operations.

Global Roofing Solutions rolled and cranked the Klip-Lok 406 sheeting on site.
Handling the entire length curved sheeting was challenging to hoist the curved full-length sheets onto the roof. The pictures truly emphasise the complexity which was successfully achieved.
Scaffolding had to be built approx. 6-meters into the air to accommodate the sheet length and curve herewith to roof and clad the building. Having GRS’s quality and technical teams on site to support the accuracy for this detail made it a success. Sheeting was hoisted up using cables and straps onto the roof for installation.

The challenges
Curved, steel girder trusses that give the building its unique shape, but also carries all the load, demanded of the structural engineers to think out of the box. They produced a design and drawings for the manufacturing of these members – without which the building would not have been a success. These trusses were manufactured in a local factory in Uitenhage. How this project demonstrates the benefits of steel as a material The GRS Klip-Lok 406 concealed fix steel roof sheeting was rolled out in one length on site to accommodate the design of the building. Special care had to be taken from a Health and Safety point of view since both the plant and the handling of these great lengths can present challenges – especially during periods of high winds.



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