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The Annual Steel Awards (SAISC) 2023

What a night! This year’s annual Steel Awards theme was Game of Thrones!
The Steel Awards is without a doubt the most anticipated and memorable event on the steel construction industry calendar, and 2023 is no exception!

Nominations for this year’s Southern African Institute of Steel Construction (SAISC) Awards have featured in everything from local community newspapers to the Guinness Book of Records and have taken shape everywhere from Cape Town to West Africa.

The judging of almost 40 diverse nominated projects showcasing pioneering innovation and courageous design.

“This iconic annual steel industry event, which enables the Institute to promote the capabilities of steel – an infinitely diverse, resilient material of construction – provides an important platform for honouring the hard work of individuals and companies across the entire value chain,” says SAISC CEO Amanuel Gebremeskel.

“On a more serious note, the Game of Thrones portrays turbulent geo-politics and intense competition – very similar to what the world is experiencing currently, and which is impacting the steel industry not only internationally, but also across the African continent,” Gebremeskel comments.
Thank you to Southern African Institute of Steel Construction (SAISC) for an outstanding evening.
Congratulations to our teams at GRS and to our colleagues and industry professionals on their awards and recognition.

Our very own Hitesh Behari and his beautiful wife received “The Best Dressed Award”.
Keep delivering the Exceptional.

Photo credits: SAISC


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