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The Upington Agriculture Expo

The Upington Agriculture Expo is an annual event that showcases the latest products and services related to agriculture and farming. It typically attracts a diverse group of farmers, industry experts, and members of the public who are interested in learning more about the agricultural sector.
This event, held from Thursday, 4 May to Sunday, 6 May 2023, was notable for the participation of Build it Upington and Global Roofing Solutions. Build it Upington is a well-known hardware store that offers a wide range of building supplies and materials, while Global Roofing Solutions is a leading supplier of roofing sheets.

Build it Upington invited Global Roofing Solutions to have a booth at the event, given that they are the preferred sheeting supplier for the hardware store.

This provided GRS with an opportunity to showcase its products and services to a targeted audience of farmers and industry professionals, as well as members of the public who may be interested in building or renovating their homes.

Overall, the Upington Agriculture Expo is an important event for the local community and the agricultural industry. It provides a platform for businesses like Build it Upington and Global Roofing Solutions to connect with potential customers and build relationships within the community.

Pieter Jonck, Branch Manager - Upington

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