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What is concealed fix sheeting and what makes it unique?

The concealed-fix Roofing system was developed to accommodate the effect of thermal expansion and contraction of Roofing Sheets under extremes of temperature and to provide a watertight low pitch roof in heavy tropical storms. It is a modern development of the “Standing Seam” roofing used successfully throughout the world for generations. The Concealed-fix system has been on the South African market since 1964. Over the years it has earned an excellent reputation and enjoys a high acceptance amongst Architects, Quantity Surveyors, Engineers and Contractors.

The concealed-fix system, Klip-Tite™ the latest development in 2013, is the most highly specified proprietary roof system presently available in South Africa.
IT HAS VERSATILITY The upstanding ribs and flat base of the profile provide opportunities for a variety of architectural treatments. The profile is strong due to the depth and rigidity of the ribs. Klip-Tite™ and Klip-Lok™ are offered in several conventional and other materials to meet the various requirements of long life, aesthetic appeal and resistance to environmental corrosion. EASE OF ERECTION The system of fixing the Klip-Tite™ and Klip-Lok™ roof sheets to the roof structure utilizing concealed clips is relatively uncomplicated provided that the laid down erection procedures of the KL700 Plus clip are followed.
IT IS LEAKPROOF, WEATHERTIGHT AND STRONG The concealed clip system of fixing means that the sheet is not holed by main fixings. The deep vertical ribs and 233mm broad pans increase water-carrying capacity and rapid run-off. The profile geometry is such that deflection under load is reduced allowing flat pitches. No end laps are required. IT IS ECONOMICAL The Klip-Tite™ and Klip-Lok™ sheet’s greater water capacity and concealed fixing system (no holes through sheeting) allow the sheet to be used on very flat pitched roofs, thereby reducing roof structure costs to a point where it becomes the most economical roofing system on the market.


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