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Global Roofing Solutions (Pty) Ltd consists of two leading South African roofing material manufacturing operations, GRS Brownbuilt (established in 1964) and GRS HH Robertson (established in 1958), making it one of the largest metal roofing manufacturers in South Africa. Both Brownbuilt and HH Robertson are household names for the manufacture of Commercial and Industrial steel roof covering and wall cladding profiles (Concealed fix and Pierced fix), composite steel floor decking profiles.


Helm Engineering was established in 1989, to provide a broad spectrum of engineering services in the Gauteng area. Rapid growth and development in this arena led to the acquisition of Ventco Engineering in the year 2000. This dynamic combination resulted in one of the largest companies of its kind in Africa, a company that is involved at one level or another in virtually every major project in its field in the sub-continent.

Our Services

Specification Team

Experts who will come to you and assist with any technical product related enquiries

Technical Services Department

Draftsmen to assist you with any technical sales, drawing, estimation and cutting list requirements

Sales Consultants

Trained consultants for professional and seamless order execution

On site production: Mobile mill

Industry known mobile mill solutions that shorten lead times and reduce costs to you

Corporate Videos

Corporate Video

Global Roofing Solutions boasts over 100 years combined experience to provide you with world-class roofing solutions and the best and latest in roofing, cladding and decking products. Watch their corporate video to see why they are the best in the business:

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The Roof Profiler

Want to know the difference between Bullnosing and Curving? Do you not know your Louvres from your Arma-tile™? The Roof Profiler answers all your Q & As as well as in-depth chats to experts in the roofing industry. Find out more by watching the video series below:

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Klip-Tite Assembly

Watch a short informative animation of the Klip-Tite assembly/installation process.

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Global Roofing Solutions has a whistleblowing programme that gives employees and stakeholders the opportunity to anonymously report perceived cases of unethical practice.

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