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What is pierced fix sheeting?

A pierced fix profiled sheet is a cost-effective option for roofing or cladding. It is a conventional and easy solution to a variety of roofing needs.

Pierced fix metal roof sheeting uses exposed fasteners or screws that go through the metal roof sheeting into the structure below to firmly secure the roof sheeting. All sheeting that is erected using fasteners that puncture the sheets at predetermined intervals to fix to the roof purlins falls under this group of sheeting profiles. This is different from the alternative method called concealed fixing. The method of fixing you use is determined by the cladding profile you are using. You can place screws through the crests or in the pans/valleys, however, to maximise water tightness, always place roof screws through the crests. For walling, you may fix it through either the crest or valley/pan. Always drive the screws perpendicular to the cladding, and in the centre of the corrugation or rib. To keep wind-driven rain from entering the lap from the outside and to ensure no moisture vapour from within the building enters the lap, Pierced Fix metal roof systems require side lap and end lap sealant. In these areas, the use of a butyl seal type of sealant strengthens the overall design of the roof system.


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